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This is quite likely the largest collection of links to Emily-related sites on the net. Not every site on this list is a reputable source however, on the contrary, some of these sites provide completely false information about our favorite actress. However, in the interest of being thorough, every site that is related to her that I come across, I will add to this list. If you have an Emily-related site, contact me and I will add it as well.

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CircleEmily Information Pages

Emily’s official website.

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Emily’s page at the Internet Movie Database.

Emily’s entry into the online encyclopedia.

Yahoo TV’s very short profile for Emily.

Emily’s bio on NorthernStars.

Another short Emily bio.

Another bio for Emily.

Yet another bio for Emily.’s Emily profile.

Emily’s profile on Child Starlets.

A site with addresses to send mail to celebrities. Info may be out of date.

Emily’s profile on the encyclopedia for hot women.

Emily’s profile on Mr. Skin. She has NOT been nude.

A celebrity dating gossip site. All the information is completely false.

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CircleEmily Fan Sites

Tumblr Fansite by Rudy

It’s an Emily fan site, it’s old and it’s German.

Another Emily fan site. Seems to be dead though.

The title says it all, don’t you think?

A fan site for Emily’s character.

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CircleEmily Social Networking Groups

A forum for Emily fans to discuss their favorite actress.

An Emily Yahoo group.

A FaceBook group for Emily fans.

A FaceBook group for celebrating the acting duo.

A FaceBook group to celebrate Emily’s character.

A FaceBook page for fans of Emily.

Another FaceBook group dedicated to Eunice.

Yet another Eunice appreciation group on FaceBook.

A MySpace page devoted to Emily Perkins.

Another MySpace page for Emily.

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CircleEmily-Related Sites

A fan site for a few different celebrities, including Emily.

A forum for the discussion of the Ginger Snaps trilogy.

A fan site for Emily’s GS/ACS co-star Katharine Isabelle


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