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Got something to say about the lovely Emily? Feel free to leave a comment here if you like.

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  1. Celeste Robbins says:

    Emily is an amazing actor and person. Although she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves, she is among the best in the world for her craft. Not to mention that she’s a good role model for girls around the world; because she has respect for herself and isn’t afraid to speak her mind (especially when it comes to women’s rights and roles). Even though I don’t agree with all of her views, I am extremely impressed with her courage to speak them, and with her intellegence. She’s so beautiful too! I’m sure she’ll never read this, but just in case, “Keep up the Good Work!”

  2. Scherin says:

    HEy Guys :) i live in Austria and i am 13 years old :) i hope that emily will visit AUstria :) ( vienna) so that i can take for a an autograph :) ohh that would be soo nice :)omg here i can know about emily so much thx:) but please dont be mean to her she is soo ,.. WOW and u know how i can send her cards? and do emily Perkins read this comments? THx :) she is soo cute in ginger snaps awww :)hahah and do u know where i can see Da vinci`s INQUEST? thx :)

    And when come a new movie or ,… of her?

    where we can see more of her not just a scene ,…


    i saw a picture with her son Dante ( i think its her son)
    haha Soo cute: )

    Your: MusicGirlywatch ( youtube )

    YOur:Scherin KAt ;)

  3. Zack Flak says:

    As soon as Tiff makes more. Sorry, but I don’t have the means, nor the time, so it’s in her court right now. Here’s hoping that some more surface soon though.

  4. Paul says:

    Great site..thanks. When will more Hiccups pics be on?

  5. grim the weird says:

    oh she is simply the best ever.
    and easy on the eyes :P

  6. connie spoor says:

    Emily is great and I wish her good luck

  7. connie spoor says:

    I like Emily perkins a lot she is great and I wish her luk

  8. connie spoor says:

    i reely like emily perkins she is great

  9. Sigvor Nordqvist says:

    Emily best actress in the world! I wish her luck.

  10. Marvin Hollon says:

    She’s the greatest!!!

  11. Zack Flak says:

    Emily is the best ever!

  12. R says:

    thats one of the best sites for emily

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