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Emily Perkins ‘finds the funny’ on ‘Hiccups’

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This queen of scream has traded in her fangs for her own brand of dry, deadpan humour.

Vancouver native Emily Perkins, who began her career at the age of 10, is best known for her lead performance in the “Ginger Snaps” trilogy, and has also appeared on “X-Files” and “Dead Like Me.”

Now, continuing her foray into the world of comedy, Perkins stars in the new CTV original comedy “Hiccups,” created by and starring “Corner Gas” alumni Brent Butt.

The series follows the trials and tribulations of celebrated children’s author Millie Upton (“Corner Gas” star Nancy Robertson), who finds herself frequently overwhelmed by the world around her until she snaps in a fit of combustive rage.

Perkins plays secretary Crystal Braywood, who works for Haddison House Publishing, who is run by Joyce Haddison (Laura Soltis). Despite being inept, sarcastic and aloof, Crystal is the daughter of Joyce’s banker, which means there’s no way she will be fired from her current position.

According to Perkins, working with Butt has proven to a goldmine of inspiration and guidance for her comedy career.

“Brent is really good at ‘finding the funny’ in any line. He makes me laugh everyday. He knows comedy, and he’s very good at what he does,” Perkins tells CTV.ca.

“That’s really helpful for someone like me, who is relatively new to comedy.”

Following her portrayal as one half of the Fitzgerald sisters in the werewolf horror series “Ginger Snaps,” Perkins has had a career shift towards lighter fare, and has landed supporting roles in “She’s the Man” and “Juno.”

“I’ve always admired entertainers who can make people laugh. I’ve always wanted to try that, so I just feel really lucky because this job on ‘Hiccups’ is totally my dream job,” says Perkins.

“I love doing comedy, I love the atmosphere on set and you work days instead of nights. I’ve done a lot of horror movies, and you’re always shooting at night, and it’s kind of miserable, and the subject matter kind of gets to you. Just being in that dark mood, you can’t help but bring that home with you, a little bit. But when you are doing comedy, it’s totally the opposite; it brightens up the rest of your life. When it carries over, it’s a good thing.”

So does that mean stand up comedy is in Perkins’ future?

“I have thought of it — I just don’t know if I’m brave enough! I’ve never really done stage work, so performing in front of a live audience is terrifying for me,” says the actress.

“Working on this show is changing me a little bit. I was really, really terrified to do this show, I had this huge fear of failure because comedy is a challenge, because what if you’re not funny?”

Perkins has previously won the Best Actress Award at Spain’s International Film Festival and a Leo award for Best Supporting Performance.

“Hiccups” airs Monday nights on CTV and Saturday nights on the Comedy Network.

By Tyrone Warner

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