Happy Birthday dear Emily!!

Happy Birthday to Emily from all of us here are Emily Perkins World and @EmilyPerkinsEPW

Lots of love to you x

There is an amazing birthday blog by some wonderful and dedicated fans in South America ! You must check this out !



Check out this awesome video made for Emily by some amazing fans on Facebook.


Emily Perkins – Our Little Gift


4 Responses to Happy Birthday dear Emily!!

  1. EmilyPerkinsWorld says:

    It’s a wonderful tribute to her. !

  2. Ninna Black says:

    AAAW THANK YOU!! If you go to the page Ginger Snaps World , you will see more things that we made to her! , we made a big letter! :) Thank you so much! :D

  3. EmilyPerkinsWorld says:

    It’s a lovely video, I do hope she sees it ! Thank you for the blog. I will add that tomorrow too !
    ps Anything you want added to this site, just let me know. I’ll friend you on FB in a mo xx

  4. Ninna Black says:

    HI! I can’t believe that the video that I made many people watched it I’m so happy!! look! I made a blog to her too!
    among many fans from emily we decided to do this , so I started to do it , adn look! we could that others fans could notice too!
    we wanted to do this , because we wanted that emily know that she has fans around the world! (sorry if I have gramatical mistakes , I’m learning the language! ) Have a good day!

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