2012 – Interview with the real ‘Becky’ of ‘Supernatural’ Emily Perkins


October 11, 2012

Chicago Supernatural convention attendees will be the lucky ones to get to meet actress Emily Perkins. Although famous as the beloved character Becky Rosen, this talented actress is known for films Ginger Snaps, Juno, and Insomnia. A Vancouver native, Emily had no trouble identifying with her character.

Q. Your character of Becky Rosen has become such a fan favorite. Many Supernatural fans feel like they somewhat identify with “Superfan 99” in one way or another. What was it like for you to play the character?

A. At the time I was cast, I actually wasn’t familiar with the show. Which was a good thing; because if I had known in advance how cute the two leads were I think I would have been too nervous to audition! Once I tuned in to the show, I had no trouble at all identifying with Becky. Jared and Jensen are the kind of guys that could bring out anyone’s inner love-sick maniac, and in person even more so. I was extremely nervous to work with them; I even had my lines written down on a tiny piece of paper in my pocket in case I forgot them. But Jared and Jensen were so easy-going, professional and friendly, that I was soon able to relax and just enjoy the experience.

Q. Can you fill us in on your current projects?

A. My current project is taking care of my young sons, a true labor of love!

Q. Have you had a good taste yet of what it’s like to join the Supernatural family fandom? Do you have any Supernatural conventions in your future?

A. I am looking forward to the Chicago convention later in October, and Las Vegas, New Jersey and Birmingham, England in the spring. Can’t wait.

Q.” Do you have any hidden talents such as writing? Music? Hobbies?

A. I have a huge passion for literature. It’s not really the same kind Becky reads, but I can relate to the feeling of being obsessed by books. I love contemporary North American fiction and short fiction. My favorite writer is Jonathan Franzen, and my favorite writers of short fiction are George Saunders and Alice Munro.

Q. I’m going to end with what’s become my signature question. If you were a baseball player, what would your walk up song be? What song pumps you up and inspires you?

A. Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill.

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