Emily’s Birthday on May 4

Greetings, friends and fans of Emily Perkins.

As you may know, each year Emily’s fans give a gift to a cause that Emily supports.

In honor of Emily’s upcoming birthday on May 4 this year, we hope that you will consider making a donation to this worthy cause. The Chronic Pain Association of Canada is one that is very important to Emily as well as to many others and is extremely underfunded. Show your love for your favorite actress and help those in need to live life without pain.

The page is open for gifts already, from anything to $1 to any amount chosen. It will be open until June 1st.

Visit the gift page here.

Just want to reiterate that this is a suggested gift for Emily, the decision to make a donation is completely up to the individual. Those who cannot or do not wish to donate, please feel free to leave a message here for Emily instead.

This charity is Emily approved.

The Chronic Pain Association of Canada is a non-profit consumer association with two primary goals.

1. The advancement of the treatment and management of chronic intractable pain.

2. The development of research projects to promote the discovery of a cure for this disease.

3. Education of both the health care community and the public will be the primary means of accomplishing our mission.

Millions of Canadians suffer from chronic pain. Surveys indicate over 18% of Canadians suffer from severe chronic pain. At any given moment, half of all Canadians will have experienced some kind of pain. A majority of Canadians experience head pain at least monthly.

People suffering from chronic pain do not receive adequate treatment. While over 70% of cancer patients experience moderate to severe pain during their illness, fewer than half receive adequate pain relief. Pain is devastating to individuals and families. When pain persists at these levels, a persons entire life becomes impacted.

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