Supernatural Season 5 Guide Excerpt

Titan Books is releasing “Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 5” (a review will be coming shortly!) and they’ve provided us with an excerpt from the book that covers the season 5 premiere episode. For more information on the season guide, visit the information page for the guide at the Titan Books website.


You would think the Devil would be used to hot places, what with the whole fire and brimstone thing. However, the actor who plays him for most of season five hasn’t been similarly acclimatized, and almost got heatstroke during shooting. “I had to work in Vancouver during the hottest days that they ever had in recorded history,” states Pellegrino. “I was put up in an apartment that had no air-conditioning, and by the time I got in it was like 115 degrees in there. It was horrendous. I stayed out until eleven o’clock at night and it was still a sauna.”

Along with Lucifer’s appearance in ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, another of Hell’s denizens makes a surprise return to Earth to torment the Winchesters — Meg. One of the first things she did when she got out of Hell was kiss Dean. Despite what some of the fans might think about kissing Jensen Ackles, though, Rachel Miner is adamant that there was nothing hot about their kiss. “I hate to disappoint, but kisses and love scenes in film are usually not in the least romantic. You try to make it look that way, but it’s so technical. You’re mostly thinking about timing and making sure you’re not blocking the other person or the camera. And, no,” Miner adds, “I did not eat peanut butter before the kiss. I don’t usually eat garlic and chug coffee right before, either.”

Sam would probably have preferred if Meg had kissed him too, instead of kicking his butt. “I love doing that stuff,” Miner enthuses. “I do my own stunts whenever possible. There’s something very invigorating about getting to kick some butt, even if it’s pretend. Plus, the stunt coordinator on the show, Lou Bollo, is awesome.”

The show’s producers think Miner is pretty awesome, too. “I thought she really acted the role terrifically,” says executive producer Robert Singer. “And she had this aura of evil about her that was kind of scary.” What would have been really scary is if they had hired a less talented actress to take over the role. “Definitely,” agrees creator Eric Kripke. “In rebooting Meg, we really wanted to pay credit to Nicki Aycox, the original Meg. In fact, we spent a lot of time in the writers’ room trying to figure out how to bring Meg back in Aycox’s meatsuit because we loved the actress so much, but we went to so much trouble having her die and disposing of the corpse, and it’s been rotting in the ground for four years, and then we wiped out Meg Masters’ soul in season four… We just couldn’t figure out why Meg the demon would dig up a rotting body and reanimate it, versus just picking a new victim. So the bar was set very high, because we needed someone who had Nicki’s chops. The casting process is always taxing, but Rachel Miner walked in the door and was just so interesting and complicated and sexy and idiosyncratic. There are so many different layers to her. I think she carries on Meg’s mantel quite nicely.”

It’s too bad the Prophet Chuck didn’t foresee Bobby being possessed by Meg’s minion in time to save Bobby, but he was a little distracted, what with having Castiel’s remains splattered all over his house. Chuck was a little jumpy, too, which led him to take a swing at Sam. “I had to shoot swinging the plunger at Sam several times so we could get it right,” reveals Rob Benedict. “Moments like that are really hard to shoot because you can’t really hit him. But I think a couple of times I actually did hit Jared in the face. It was a really soft fake plunger, but still… We had to shoot that several times because after I hit him in the face I was trying not to [again], and you could tell I wasn’t hitting him. That was fun, though.”

The introduction of Chuck’s number one fan, Becky Rosen, was also fun. “The scene where I go into the motel room where the boys are hanging out was kind of nerve- wracking,” says Emily Perkins. “But she’s such a forward character, and I’m a pretty shy person, so it was cool to play someone like that.” In fact, Perkins enjoyed it a little too much at first. “Bob told me to hold back a little more from how excited I was in the first few takes,” she says. “I overplayed it a little bit and then he was like, ‘Okay, you don’t need to go that far.’”

Supernatural Season 5 Guide Excerpt

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