Give Emily a Gift this year

Dear friends and fans of actress Emily Perkins,
As many of you know, our dear Emily is not only very talented actress, but also a very kind and caring person. Each year, in honor of that kindness, her fans make a donation to a cause that Emily supports. This year, as in previous years, the cause is Autism awareness. Your gift will help to offer support to people with Autism as well as promote understanding and acceptance of this condition. We hope you will show your admiration of Emily’s generous spirit by making a gift to the Autism Society of British Columbia on her behalf. Thank you all, and happy holidays.

*You do not need to register with the website to make a donation on behalf of Emily
*There are 2 secure online payment options, donate anything from $1 to $100
*Donations can be anonymous – even from the creator
*Even anonymous donors can write a message on the charity page, you can chose any name if you wish
*Each donation gets emailed to Autism Scoiety of British Columbia with a message saying it’s on behalf of Emily

Please show your support by donating here. Thank you.

Alternatively,  leave a message for Emily and show your support here

The Autism Society of British Columbia is a registered charity.
Their aim is to promote understanding, acceptance, and full community inclusion for people with autism in British Columbia while providing support for the realization of the rights and informed choices of individuals with autism and their families.

ASBC was started in 1975 and is a parent based and directed society providing support to individuals with autism and their families in British Columbia and Yukon.
ASBC Provides Support Through: Information, Referral and self-help Advocacy for Adults, Parents and Professionals; an extensive lending resource library, Internet access to valuable free on-demand information and discussion forums; a network of Community Groups throughout BC, facilitated by volunteers; seminars & conference opportunities for members; promoting community education and awareness. As well, ASBC Assists Families Financially Through: a limited reimbursement program for your child’s summer activities; participation in FREE activities for families, eg: sports games, PNE outtings, movie outtings, opera, symphony for children, live theatre, rock concerts and Christmas activities. (ASBC wishes to thank it’s community partners for making these wonderful activities and events possible).

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