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Dear Brigitte:
My name is Aragorn from China.Foreign teachers they call me like that as <The Lord Of The Ring>is my favourite movie.I thought I coundn’t have found another movies which enable to compare with that,after I watched <Ginger Snaps>1&2,I completely realised I had much to say.Your performance in the movie is actually out of ordinary.The first one gives me a strong gothic feeling,the second one gives me lots of puzzle(For here we have no English substitles,all the translations depend on nothing),the third one:( I don’t really like it.But it’s not the point,from you,I found Canadian actors are modester than Chinsese.In fact,I really wanna know,is Katharina and you also like sister in real life??Oh…fogive my frank,because I am very curious about all of you.In CHina,a few people know what<Ginger Snaps> is,so I can hardly know the imformations about it,either Tatiana Maslany,who is also great like you.

So…if it is possible,could you just give me some answers??
1.What does “on drugs” mean when you talk with Sam? <Ginger Snaps:2> Who is the werewolf??Barbara or Mcardy?
3.What the real colour of you hair- -??Brown or blonde??(Because I feel brown is better -,-)
4.Could you give me Tatiana Maslany’s real imformations like this website,I really want to talk to her,even a word.

And further more,you’re all second to none,I like you all,I rarely like a movie or actors so much,I wish Brigitte could see my letter,and best wishes to you,have a nice and colourful new year:)


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