From Chris Finnigan

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Hey Emily,
my name is Chris Finnigan. I’m a second year Sociology/Film student at Carleton University in Ottawa ON. Just wanted to add to the pile of compliments. You’re an amazing actress! In everything I’ve watched of yours, you have never missed a beat, and have been completely flawless. I also wanted to thank you, in that I am finally persuing my dream to become an actor/director in the Canadian Cinema industry, I would love to make it and help strengthen it in whatever way I can. I wish more people would support it. You said it’ll take patience in the Canadian film business, which I suppose I have a lot of it, but hey, it’s never a chore if you love it. I’m starring in an upcoming independent and filming my own horror/black comedy production this summer. It would be wicked to have you in there as a guest, but ya know, it is low-budget…anyways I just wanted to say thanks.
I hope I’ll be able to work with you one day.
Take Care,
Chris Finnigan (Finnigan Productions)

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