From The Lycanthrope

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Dear Em,
I just want to thank you for bringing all those characters you play to life. You take a peice of your spirit and soul, and mingle them with the personality of another character. You give birth to inspirational acting, drama, and feeling. With a look from your eyes you portray any human emotion you desire. You fill us (the audience and fans) with glee and compassion, with true inspired feelings we can compare ourselves with. You give us the ability to look inside not only the character you portray, but into ourselves and the similarities we all carry. You help create a unity among people very few have ever accomplished. I would just like to tell you how much your fans and fellow peeps care for and love you. Thank you again for your undying compassion and love for “being real” with us, and yourself. Happy Birthday, may you be filled with God’s blessings and love from your loved ones.
-The Lycanthrope
P.S. Don’t ever stop being you :)!!!

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