From Robbie Maxwell

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A Birthday Present For Emily: Ashes of Autumn

In the dying light of day she huddles near a flame
That crackles with the sound of burning leaves
As the ashes of autumn float through the night air
An ethereal angel wreathed in a nightshade gown
With skin as pale as the new fallen snow
The cold wind caresses her dark hair
As lovely as the cloudless night sky
Shimmering in the orange light
Like the dancing shadows upon the ground
She looks so warm yet so sad
In her beautiful face, illuminated
By the fires soft glow
Lay the sorrows of November
From her deep emerald eyes
That shine like auroras in the northern sky
Tears flow down her delicate cheeks
Glistening like the ice of December mornings
Like the warm fire she sits by in the cold night
She is a moment of spring in melancholy autumn
From her lips as red as the leaves in fall
She thawed my frozen soul with her enchanting smile

By Robbie Maxwell

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